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Headcanon of Genji being clingy to his s/o?


Guess who has internet (finally)?



+ poor cyborg boy just gets antsy ya know?

+ if his s/o is busy he’ll just kind of hover, far enough where he’s not distracting but close enough so he can whisk them away the moment they’re free

+ he’ll appear and just open up his arms, looking for a hug

+ he’s a nuzzler

+ or if they’re out in public, he’ll loop their arm through his and keep them close

+ s/o should just say goodbye to personal space for a bit and give him kisses

+ if they’re alone it will get into sexy territory, during which Genji will constantly hold and touch his s/o (and nuzzle, my boy’s a nuzzler)

+ honestly, s/o should just kiss and touch as much of him as possible, just to reinforce that fact that he is alive and wonderful, because Genji is a gift to us all TT^TT