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So dragon!Hanzo is my jam (i REALLY love your work for him), but how about some dragon!Genji headcanons, sfw and nsfw if you will?


Nobody answered my question on the whole shape shifting thing ( .-. )


+ all the gifts~! Genji’s got a hundred years of stuff to give to his s/o. Jewels, clothes, various animals, you name it Genji probably has it

+ definitely more inclined to his human form, and to Hanzo great displeasure he loves going to the mortal world to see what’s new, and not to mention how is he going to kiss is s/o while being a big ol’dragon?

+ a flirt and charmer by nature, Genji is the one who warms the visiting dignitaries up before they go to meet his brother for negotiations. And by warm I mean drink them under the table. Will later stumble to his s/o’s room, half transformed and smelling like saki

+ loves taking his s/o to the human realm for dates, and if others try to flirt with them he’ll flash them his dragon eyes before politely telling them that they s/o is taken

+ when he has to be in his dragon form (for important occasions) Genji will have his s/o perch on his back. If you think Hanzo bowing his head to his mortal s/o was a big deal, letting a mortal ride on a dragon’s back nearly put some of the older dignitaries into an early grave

+ will take his s/o on dragon rides because he loves showing off his home to them

+ 99% of the time he’ll sleep with his s/o in his human form, but the 1% time he doesn’t, he’ll be curled around his s/o and let them sleep right on top of him. His fur if very soft.


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Headcanons (Anonymous x 2 ): 

Alphas of your choice headcanons being with a beta who is still very much into all this.

How alpha!Genji, McCree, Hanzo, and 76 handle having a crush on a someone who is a beta? Like is there internal conflict since they are not omegas or do they not care?


He’s a little awkward at first. Being a playboy in his youth, especially an alpha, made a lot of his most interested prospects omegas nearly by default. He’s not turned off in the slightest in the sexual sense, but there are times where he feels a little unsure or awkward because his s/o doesn’t carry the same scent markers that an omega does–they’re a little more mysterious to him, in a sense, especially when he goes into a rut and can’t smell the tell-tale scent of heat on their skin. 

He makes up for that plenty by getting his scent all over them instead, which is actually a lot easier to do since betas don’t naturally have a strong, signature scent like omegas do. He feels like it makes the bond a little more solid in such a way, because even though they’re a beta, everyone can smell Genji literally all over his beta s/o.


He’s??? Confused??? Almost moreso than Genji, but instead of simply being confused by the lack of scent over his s/o, he’s confused they’d they’d want him so badly. It comes from a bad, internalized ideal from his days in the Deadlock gang–alphas only took omegas, and betas didn’t bother with either. It was just how things were to him, normalized and solidified in his young alpha mind.

It takes a while to get used to it, but he’s not really opposed to being romantically with a beta. His s/o is still very, very attractive and is the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened in his life, it’s just weird that they’re not an omega. He’s a clever one though, and finds plenty of ways around the odd lack of scent, especially if his beta s/o is into a little scent-play or wearing specific perfumes or fragrances meant for omegas unable to produce their own scent. Hell, there are even some on the market created to mimic an omega going into heat. If McCree’s s/o really wanted an easy way to get their cowboy worked up, that’s one hell of a way to do it.


Though he would be surprised to fall so hard and so deeply for a beta, he’s neither confused, opposed, nor bothered by it in the slightest. He’s more concerned about his s/o being aware of his…tendencies, as he politely refers to them as. Since their body isn’t as physically, naturally partnered for an alpha, his first concern is making sure that his beta s/o is aware of what all comes with taking on an alpha lover–the seasonal ruts, the scenting, the need for dominance….As long as they’re okay with that, then he certainly doesn’t have an issue at all in the world.

Soldier: 76

This boy don’t care, he don’t care at all. Omega or beta, he’s still gonna be an awkward, grumpy old dad who just wants to be able to make his s/o feel as good as he does when they flash that pretty smile at him. Sure, it can get really hard for him with his ruts since a beta doesn’t have the same scent markers, but as long as they’re enjoying being with him than he’ll just buck up and deal with it. It’s not like he’s gone through ruts alone before anyway, and that’s a hundred times worse than having an s/o who’s a beta instead of an omega helping him through it. 

He’s more afraid of being too rough with them. Sure, an omega is made to be a little tougher–their body is, while slightly, built just a little more specifically to be marked and claimed by an alpha. They’re coded to give off certain scents to placate an eager mate, to bare their throats at the right moment during knotting–it’s just how they’re genetically programmed and one of the few things that betas lack (besides the obvious fertility, if they’re a male). In the same vein as Hanzo, he wouldn’t really consider anything official or serious until his s/o sat down with him and discussed the issues–hell, if they at least understood what he was like during his ruts, then Jack wouldn’t feel so worried about it.


Headcanon (Anonymous): 

Headcanon, for Hanzo, Genji, Reinhardt, Reaper, Roadhog of reactions to finding out S/O is pregnant and seeing baby first time.


Shock would be the first reaction, regardless if he and you were trying for a baby or not. It’s one of the few times he would lose his grasp on muffling his emotions, eyes going wide and lips parting while he flashes through all that comes with having a baby. He wants to be a good dad–wants to be a good parent and love his child as much as they deserve. He’s obviously happy after the initial surprise, though it takes several very firm repeats of the news so he believes you.

When the child finally comes, you’ve never seen such a look of awe painted over Hanzo’s face. he’s breathtaken, absolutely floored. “They’re so beautiful,” he would repeat, over and over, until you can see the red on his face and a smile so wide that you’d think someone replaced him if it was any other situation in time. He would kiss their forehead, over and over, cradle the child to his chest and murmur in soft japanese promises that he’d always protect and cherish them.


How….is that possible? He asks you to repeat the news to him again. And then again. He asks how many pregnancy tests you’ve taken. Then he leaves, excusing himself from the room for half an hour before he’s back and he looks visibly shaken. It’s only after you ask him what the hell is wrong that he finally tells you. He honestly didn’t even think he could get anyone pregnant anymore, because he doesn’t really….have those parts anymore, or at least not the ones that would get someone pregnant. It wasn’t until he checked it over with Mercy that yup, he can still get you pregnant because modern medicine is fucking amazing.

When the baby comes he’s the most excited thing on the face of the earth. He’s practically vibrating in the moments before you place the newborn in his arms, rendered calm only by the huff of Zenyatta nearby, who insisted on being able to see such a miracle, a grossly important part of his student’s life. The two of them are in absolute awe when Genji finally takes the baby in his arms and holds them against his chest.


After the initial few seconds of surprise, the joy would be pretty much instantaneous. He’d always wanted to be a father, especially since he’s already had plenty of experience in being a father-figure to many in his years as a fighter in Overwatch and a soldier of his own country before that. Sure, he’s damn surprised that it was even possible, considering his own age, but it’s not news that he’s unhappy to hear. 

The first time he sees the baby, the man just about starts crying. No, actually he does start crying. It would take a lot of gentle assurance to get him to hold the infant though, because….they’re just so small. The baby is so small and fragile and he is afraid of hurting them by accident. He cradles them like they’re the most precious thing on earth after enough gentle pressing, holding the small bundle gingerly against his chest, watching the way their little face twitches while they sleep, before giving them back to you with the happiest look on his face he’s worn in years.


In much the same way as Genji, he has to do a double take. You’re shitting with him right? Like, you’re pulling some sort of prank? It isn’t until you go into the bathroom and come out to show him the positive mark on the pregnancy test that he finally believes you’re not shitting him. And then Reaper proceeds to freak the fuck out. Oh god, he’s actually going to be a dad. A father. Jesus fuck, he is not ready for the responsibility of having a kid, he’s not even human anymore. 

His biggest worry is that he’s somehow cursed his child, passed on his disabilities and deformations onto them–it takes a lot of gentle reassurance from both you and Mercy (who’s keeping a very close eye on the pregnancy) so that he doesn’t completely lose his head.

When the day comes and the baby is born, Reaper is nearly hyperventilating but hiding it pretty damn well. He waits, and when the child is finally bundled up and offered for him to hold, he….just takes them. He’s frozen for a while, staring down at this tiny, sweet little life he helped create, and they are beautiful. They look….normal? He truly expected to have created a monster and cursed you with it, but the baby looks so soft and fragile, looking as if they were truly his child and not the devilish smoke monster he’d feared about in plenty of nightmares.


You tell him the news and he doesn’t….really react. Not at first at least. He asks you once to repeat the news and if you mean it–which you do–and then after that, he asks if you want the child. It’s not an accusation or anything, it’s just a question, later explained as wanting to know your honest opinion since the two of you never really talked about having kids. He wants to be a dad (even though he’s a little unsure how good he’d be, but Junkrat is still alive so that’s gotta be a plus), but he wants to make sure you want to have the kid in the first place. He’s not judgmental in the slightest because it’s your body that kid’s gonna be in for almost a fuckin’ year.

He practically scoops up the newborn the moment they’re handed over to him. Roadhog rocks them around, murmurs to them, and can’t seem to give them up to anyone but you. Hell, when he does give the baby back to you, you find that they’re wearing a soft, knitted little piglet beanie that you’re not honestly sure if Roadhog bought or made himself.

Headcanon of Genji being clingy to his s/o?


Guess who has internet (finally)?



+ poor cyborg boy just gets antsy ya know?

+ if his s/o is busy he’ll just kind of hover, far enough where he’s not distracting but close enough so he can whisk them away the moment they’re free

+ he’ll appear and just open up his arms, looking for a hug

+ he’s a nuzzler

+ or if they’re out in public, he’ll loop their arm through his and keep them close

+ s/o should just say goodbye to personal space for a bit and give him kisses

+ if they’re alone it will get into sexy territory, during which Genji will constantly hold and touch his s/o (and nuzzle, my boy’s a nuzzler)

+ honestly, s/o should just kiss and touch as much of him as possible, just to reinforce that fact that he is alive and wonderful, because Genji is a gift to us all TT^TT


Headcanons for the Overwatch boys *(Excluding Bastion, Winston, & Torbjorn (he’s married to his turret tbh)) and how they’d treat their S/O:


-McCree is the kind of man you can send to the store to buy you anything. He is not embarrassed, he’s a man on a mission.

-McCree is an excellent cook and will bring you breakfast in bed often, especially if you aren’t feeling well.

-McCree will gladly watch any movie with you, no matter how corny it is. He isn’t really paying attention to it, the cowboy is too busy staring at you.


Soldier 76:

-He will bring you home souvenirs, he doesn’t think much of it. He just wants you to know you’re always on his mind, no matter how far apart you are.

-It’s a guilty pleasure, but Jack loves playing with your hair.

-Jack loves to sneak up on you and wrap his arms around you. Especially when you’re cooking. He then offers to help, of course.



-Genji loves sharing his culture with you, he tries his best to teach you some Japanese. He finds it amusing when you mix words up.

-Genji takes you to festivals whenever he can, he loves it when you wear yukatas. He tries his best to win you things, sometimes you end up winning more things for him.

-Genji wakes up first, he will just lay there admiring you. Seeing your face first thing in the morning reminds him how beautiful life is.



-Gabriel while not always affectionate in front of others, likes to discreetly grab your ass. He finds your reactions funny.

-It means the world to Gabriel when you try to cook for him, even if he doesn’t have much of a use for eating.

-Gabriel doesn’t say much when you steal his clothes, he secretly enjoys it. Sometimes to make you laugh, he’ll put on one of your shirts.



-Zenyatta loves to read to you, he knows it helps you relax.

-He is very proud of you, he happily shows you to all of his fellow monks and everyone he can. Holding your hand is a great privilege.

-He doesn’t need sleep obviously but loves to keep you company all night, he just likes to make sure you’re safe and comfortable.



-Reinhardt carries you around despite your constant protests. He does put you down gently if you are getting upset.

-He loves sparring with you, he is always amazed by your strength inside and out.

-Reinhardt makes almost everything he gives you, he believes in the best gifts come from the heart.



-Junkrat is a big mush, he loves PDA. Nothing is better than kissing you while explosives are going off in the background.

-He tries his best to be romantic, and while he doesn’t always succeed… he is sweet in his own way.

-Baths became way better since you came into his life. Although Junkrat often turns bathtime into something else entirely.



-A man of a few words yes, Roadhog always makes sure you know how much you mean to him. With both words and action.

-Roadhog often gives you rides on his motorcycle, he loves seeing you laugh and enjoy the freedom that the motorcycle provides.

-Roadhog has a thing for cute things, your shared bedroom is filled with the many things he thinks would look good on you or you would like.



-When you said you’ve never tried archery before, prepare for him to teach you tirelessly. He loves sharing his passions with you.

-He feels as if you are the one good thing he has left in this world, he would do anything to protect you and make sure you feel loved.

-Sometimes he likes whispering dirty things in Japanese in your ear, seeing your blush makes him chuckle.



-Lucio is very public with his relationship with you, he is extremely happy how supportive his fans are of you two dating.

-You are his muse, he often writes songs about you.

-He loves it when you sing in the shower, much to your embarrassment he joins in.

Yoo so how about dom s/o pushing 76, hanzo genji against a wall and talking really dirty to them and giving them kisses on their necks


As you wish dear anon


Solider 76

He’s so frustrated but so turned on. 76 is more of the dominate one, top or bottom. He wants to fight back, but the way your talking to him, leaving kisses on his neck with each dirty words, he’s not sure how to take control back while you already have him shaking.


You being dominate? Yeah, no. Hanzo doesn’t give up control that easily, try harder. Woah, you got him pinned to the wall, um okay. Now you’re talking dirty, great. Neck kisses? Looks like you’re in charge tonight.


Rather easy to dominate and he is way into it too. Having you tell him what to do to make you fell good, telling him how to move his fingers and tongue. The authority in your voice. He’s a blushing, shaking, eager mess.


Headcanon (Anonymous): 

Alpha!Genji or Alpha!McCree? I have a thing for alphas and its a problem.. (Also including from another hc request, 



He is a surprisingly level-headed alpha, usually unperturbed by shifts in scent unless it’s overly powerful (such as an omega literally in the middle of their heat or an alpha in a rut). Whether this comes from his training, life experience, or cybernetic body, nobody is entirely sure.

It took him a long time to accept himself as a person after his trauma, but it took an even longer time after that to accept himself as an alpha. For a long time after becoming who is is now, Genji didn’t experience a single rut. Since he experienced them regularly beforehand, he had a period of time where he felt really disillusioned with himself as an alpha, especially since he was such a playboy in his youth. It’s not until after he meets Zenyatta and learns to find peace with himself that his ruts start up again–the trauma and stress on his mind and body had put his body in a long, but temporary shocked state.

Now, in the recall of Overwatch, he still has some personal self-confidence issues with his body, especially since he seems a bit more numb to his senses of acute smell than other alphas. Genji seems to have accepted this, but soon realizes that like his ruts, they were all only temporarily muted. When he has his first rut around an omega in the base, he learns that his body is far more sensitive than he thought.

Though it’s not his original flesh, Genji does still have a knot. He hasn’t asked Mercy any details about it and she hasn’t honestly explained very much, only that he is still, physically at least, as functional as any other alpha. 


Down-to-earth alpha if there ever was one. He’s a big teddy bear for the most part, and seems to act like the self-appointed guardian of the omegas if needed. He’s one of the least intimidating of all the alphas in the base, and his scent is a lot more welcoming and nobody seems to know why? Maybe it’s the cigars he smokes. Or maybe it’s just because he’s so friggen lazy all the time.

Though he might not notice it himself, McCree is extremely protective over almost all omegas of the base, mated or not, regardless if they’re in heat or he’s in a rut. He simply seems to care about them, and it mostly stem from the fact that he isn’t a man to stand aside if he know’s someone is being taken advantage of–he absolutely HATES the idea that some alphas think they’re inherently better or are allowed to treat omegas like lesser people or outright possessions. He saw this a lot while in Deadlock and vowed never to let it slide without intervening again.

He purrs. A lot. Just give this warm alpha a gentle scratch on the tummy or somewhere on the nape of his neck and he will literally just….melt. It’s not unusual for alphas do do this, but normally it’s a habit shared only with a mate as a bonding activity, but he’s just…..he’s weak to a good scritch.

Soldier: 76

So very alpha, oh my god. He was a pretty hard-headed, driven, passionate alpha-personality when he was young, but the soldier enhancement program definitely skyrocketed a few things. His ruts are stronger, though somewhat less frequent then other alphas, and because of this he seems to keep a greater distance away from omegas when he’s emotional. 

He absolutely refuses to partner up with omegas on certain missions and during certain seasons, not because he’s an old, stubborn, prejudiced man (though he is old), it’s legitimately because he doesn’t trust himself to be near an omega and risk hurting them. He’s already had a couple bad experiences because he almost hurt one of his teamates right after the soldier enhancement program concluded, and he still feels guilty that he has such a hard time keeping his instincts in control. It’s one of the reasons he secluded himself as a vigilante.

Because of his occasional lack of self-trust, it would take a very patient, gentle omega to wiggle their way into his heart. It’s more than possible, and once they help him see that he can be a good alpha and mate, he’s more than protective of them, loving them up fiercely and proving even more protective than daddy alpha McCree is at times.

Jack butts heads with other alphas all the time, but it’s never usually too heated unless rut or heat pheramones are involved. Since he usually keeps himself locked away during his own rutting cycles, he’s learned very, very well how to get a badly-behaved, young alpha pinned down on the ground and intimidated enough that they bare their throat.

Jack is the tru dad alpha of the base even if he’s old and grumpy.