So dragon!Hanzo is my jam (i REALLY love your work for him), but how about some dragon!Genji headcanons, sfw and nsfw if you will?


Nobody answered my question on the whole shape shifting thing ( .-. )


+ all the gifts~! Genji’s got a hundred years of stuff to give to his s/o. Jewels, clothes, various animals, you name it Genji probably has it

+ definitely more inclined to his human form, and to Hanzo great displeasure he loves going to the mortal world to see what’s new, and not to mention how is he going to kiss is s/o while being a big ol’dragon?

+ a flirt and charmer by nature, Genji is the one who warms the visiting dignitaries up before they go to meet his brother for negotiations. And by warm I mean drink them under the table. Will later stumble to his s/o’s room, half transformed and smelling like saki

+ loves taking his s/o to the human realm for dates, and if others try to flirt with them he’ll flash them his dragon eyes before politely telling them that they s/o is taken

+ when he has to be in his dragon form (for important occasions) Genji will have his s/o perch on his back. If you think Hanzo bowing his head to his mortal s/o was a big deal, letting a mortal ride on a dragon’s back nearly put some of the older dignitaries into an early grave

+ will take his s/o on dragon rides because he loves showing off his home to them

+ 99% of the time he’ll sleep with his s/o in his human form, but the 1% time he doesn’t, he’ll be curled around his s/o and let them sleep right on top of him. His fur if very soft.


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