Headcanon (Anonymous): 

Headcanon, for Hanzo, Genji, Reinhardt, Reaper, Roadhog of reactions to finding out S/O is pregnant and seeing baby first time.


Shock would be the first reaction, regardless if he and you were trying for a baby or not. It’s one of the few times he would lose his grasp on muffling his emotions, eyes going wide and lips parting while he flashes through all that comes with having a baby. He wants to be a good dad–wants to be a good parent and love his child as much as they deserve. He’s obviously happy after the initial surprise, though it takes several very firm repeats of the news so he believes you.

When the child finally comes, you’ve never seen such a look of awe painted over Hanzo’s face. he’s breathtaken, absolutely floored. “They’re so beautiful,” he would repeat, over and over, until you can see the red on his face and a smile so wide that you’d think someone replaced him if it was any other situation in time. He would kiss their forehead, over and over, cradle the child to his chest and murmur in soft japanese promises that he’d always protect and cherish them.


How….is that possible? He asks you to repeat the news to him again. And then again. He asks how many pregnancy tests you’ve taken. Then he leaves, excusing himself from the room for half an hour before he’s back and he looks visibly shaken. It’s only after you ask him what the hell is wrong that he finally tells you. He honestly didn’t even think he could get anyone pregnant anymore, because he doesn’t really….have those parts anymore, or at least not the ones that would get someone pregnant. It wasn’t until he checked it over with Mercy that yup, he can still get you pregnant because modern medicine is fucking amazing.

When the baby comes he’s the most excited thing on the face of the earth. He’s practically vibrating in the moments before you place the newborn in his arms, rendered calm only by the huff of Zenyatta nearby, who insisted on being able to see such a miracle, a grossly important part of his student’s life. The two of them are in absolute awe when Genji finally takes the baby in his arms and holds them against his chest.


After the initial few seconds of surprise, the joy would be pretty much instantaneous. He’d always wanted to be a father, especially since he’s already had plenty of experience in being a father-figure to many in his years as a fighter in Overwatch and a soldier of his own country before that. Sure, he’s damn surprised that it was even possible, considering his own age, but it’s not news that he’s unhappy to hear. 

The first time he sees the baby, the man just about starts crying. No, actually he does start crying. It would take a lot of gentle assurance to get him to hold the infant though, because….they’re just so small. The baby is so small and fragile and he is afraid of hurting them by accident. He cradles them like they’re the most precious thing on earth after enough gentle pressing, holding the small bundle gingerly against his chest, watching the way their little face twitches while they sleep, before giving them back to you with the happiest look on his face he’s worn in years.


In much the same way as Genji, he has to do a double take. You’re shitting with him right? Like, you’re pulling some sort of prank? It isn’t until you go into the bathroom and come out to show him the positive mark on the pregnancy test that he finally believes you’re not shitting him. And then Reaper proceeds to freak the fuck out. Oh god, he’s actually going to be a dad. A father. Jesus fuck, he is not ready for the responsibility of having a kid, he’s not even human anymore. 

His biggest worry is that he’s somehow cursed his child, passed on his disabilities and deformations onto them–it takes a lot of gentle reassurance from both you and Mercy (who’s keeping a very close eye on the pregnancy) so that he doesn’t completely lose his head.

When the day comes and the baby is born, Reaper is nearly hyperventilating but hiding it pretty damn well. He waits, and when the child is finally bundled up and offered for him to hold, he….just takes them. He’s frozen for a while, staring down at this tiny, sweet little life he helped create, and they are beautiful. They look….normal? He truly expected to have created a monster and cursed you with it, but the baby looks so soft and fragile, looking as if they were truly his child and not the devilish smoke monster he’d feared about in plenty of nightmares.


You tell him the news and he doesn’t….really react. Not at first at least. He asks you once to repeat the news and if you mean it–which you do–and then after that, he asks if you want the child. It’s not an accusation or anything, it’s just a question, later explained as wanting to know your honest opinion since the two of you never really talked about having kids. He wants to be a dad (even though he’s a little unsure how good he’d be, but Junkrat is still alive so that’s gotta be a plus), but he wants to make sure you want to have the kid in the first place. He’s not judgmental in the slightest because it’s your body that kid’s gonna be in for almost a fuckin’ year.

He practically scoops up the newborn the moment they’re handed over to him. Roadhog rocks them around, murmurs to them, and can’t seem to give them up to anyone but you. Hell, when he does give the baby back to you, you find that they’re wearing a soft, knitted little piglet beanie that you’re not honestly sure if Roadhog bought or made himself.


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