I just saw the new laughing emotes, and I am in love with them! What about you? How about a scenario where the reader has a crush on Genji, Hanzo, McCree, Zenyatta, Lucio, and Hana hears them laughing for the first time?


A/N: Anon, have you seen how happy everyone is? Hanzo’s smile, god damn. And Genji. Lord, Genji, my precious ninja bae. And Tracer. Fucking Zarya???? Marry me now, Sasha. Reaper is a complete dork though. It’s like, really Reyes? Cackling? You are a serious adult assassin, aren’t you?

At first, he’s just chuckling but then he goes onto full blown fucking laughter and you can’t fucking breathe. You forget the joke because you’re still registering the wonderful sound coming out of his mouth and you wish you hear it plenty of times afterward. And then he just assumes his former position as if nothing happened? Like??? Is it ninja training, is that what it is? One point he can be a fucking demolition crew and then he’s super adorable??? What is this sorcery?

It’s a short burst of laughter paired with a gorgeous smile as he tips his head away, smiling fondly down at you. Hanzo’s expression is so rarely open, so rarely expressive and free, that you wish for a camera or something because just as quickly as the expression warps his face into a picture of glee, it disappears. You try to remember whatever it was that made him smile, made him laugh, and you try variations, hoping for the same outcome. Now, he’s just smirking at you, as if you won’t make him laugh again. Challenge accepted, Handsoap.

Totally the kind of guy to laugh at his joke, you’re still shocked at how the accent persists into the laughter, all southern and twangy. And he laughs with his entire body, shoulders that cave in, the wolfish smile, and the adorable gesturing of his arms like “look at how funny I am?” And he knows what he’d doing to you, because he freezes and harmlessly pokes his fingers out, like he’ll shoot you or something.
“Bang, I got’cha.”

Oh, you didn’t think it was true. But your hands graze his sides only a fraction and it’s enough for his arms to hastily wrap around his sides, feet kicking at your childishly, as the laugh sputters out. It’s cute, almost too cute. And for a few seconds, all you can do is tickle him because that sound is something precious and by thunder, you’re gonna romance this omnic into infinity just for that sound alone.

He doubles over, slapping his knee, and the laugh bumbles its way out of his mouth because he just couldn’t hold it in. If you really got him going, he’d probably fall over, and you imagine mid-battle that his laughter could power the team. He smiles with his eyes closed, his entire face seizing with uncontrollable emotion.

You are slain, honestly. Hana’s laugh is adorable, her MEKA personifying the almost embarrassed glee at being made to laugh. The way the MEKA almost collapses around her as she holds her sides is just too cute, too damn cute. And the little laughing glyphs that appear in the air make it seem like she’s a kind of GIF, you just need to work on making sure it repeats.


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