Admitting I love you for the first time during sex? McCree and/or reaper. Headcanons.


A/N: Fluffy sex… I like that. Reaper would be such a challenge, but I shall do it! There are so many nsfw asks, sooo be prepared for that! 

Also, I’ll start writing Act 4 soon, so that’s something!

Warning: A lil’ NSFW!


  • Overjoyed. 
  • He never was into such long term relationships before, until you came around. 
  • Sure, he heard plenty of “I love you”s from women, but when he said it back, he never meant it.
  • You changed him.
  • He never thought that he would truly love someone.
  • Everytime you had sex, in the back of his mind, he hoped that it was not just an act of lust.
  • At the beginning of your relationship, he always brushed off these thoughts. But now? He accepted the fact that his feelings towards you was something more than ‘like’. 
  • He always wanted to say those words to you, but never had the courage to.
  • The moment you breathed out a soft “I love you, Jesse.” with that beautiful face that always melts him, he had to say it.
  • He sealed it with a kiss as he finishes inside you(hope you don’t mind) you.
  • After pulling away, he smiled and said, “I love you too, darlin’.”
  • And he meant it.


  • Gabriel never said “I love you” ever. Well, maybe to his parents before, but after he became Reaper, those words did not exist to him.
  • Until he met you.
  • Inside, he was conflicted. Like and love are two different things. What the fuck was he feeling towards you?
  • Of course, he’d been with a couple of women, but none of them were special.
  • He was sure that you were special though -very special. No one can make him feel like what you do.
  • Sex just feels better. It’s not just for pleasure, it was also for bonding.
  • He hated being so sappy, but you made him that way. He still doesn’t know how you do it.
  • You caught him by surprise this time.
  • He never expected you to say those words: “I love you, Gabriel.”
  • Caught up in the moment, he didn’t stop and gave one final thrust before letting it inside you while blurting out: “I love you too.”
  • It was the first time he came inside you, and say “I love you.” to you.
  • At least now he figured out his feelings. He still denies it sometimes though.

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