Any headcanons about hanzo or mcree in the bedroom?? I love ur blog btw


Awww, thank you~!


+ he’s always going to make sure his partner is 100% consenting, mostly due to his background of being a heir to a criminal family. It’s annoying sometimes, especially when his partner is all “yes, I want to have sex with you” and he goes “okay… are you sure though?” “omg hanzo yes”, but he’s probably had scenarios where partners slept with him out of obligation rather than passion

+ he’ll take charge because it makes him feel like a man. Between what he was taught as an heir (family, loyalty, tradition, expectations) and things he’s read about on the internet (the internet is for porn~), he’s got a skewed perspective on sex and sexuality

+ a partner that is open to talk about sex and sexuality will help him sooo much

+ he’ll blossom like the beautiful cherry flower he is

+ but seriously, once he’s got partner who’s comfortable talking about it, he’ll be off to the races. The man will try most things at least once, and will be surprisingly open about talking about it.

+ does not get embarrassed easily (kind of funny listening to him talk about sex toys. Go on, imagine Hanzo saying dildo)

+ once he’s really comfortable that’s when it gets… kinky ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (rope bondage is his fav, just let him tie pretty knots and put you into kinky positions) but he balances it with pillow talk and cuddles


+ kind of a spur of the moment guy. Will just be chillin’ on the couch, and then out of nowhere look at his partner and go, “So… you wanna have sex?”

+ loves kissing, so his partner is going to have to figure out how to strip with their mouth busy because he’ll keep them locked at long as he can. If he can’t, then he’ll kiss their jaw, ear, neck, anything he can reach really

+ beard burn is thing, get used to it

+ doesn’t take much to get him going, but once he’s going he’ll forget to take off most of his clothes. Ever had BAMF imprinted into your stomach backwards? Because that’s what happens when you’re not quick enough to get that belt off. Has also put his hat on his partner and told them to save a horse and ride a cowboy (he’s so cheesy, omg)

+ man got a vibrating option in his arm. “it’s to make my aim steadier!” “Jesse… you shoot with your right hand” he ain’t fooling anyone, but his partner’s will appreciate it. Four settings. Torbjorn doesn’t talk about it.

+ enjoys riling his partner up in public, and then saying dirty things in private… and sometimes public.

+ loves it when his partner rides him (and not just for the cheesy puns!) it always him to touch and grope to his heart’s desire

McHanzo Poly bonus!

+ the boys love giving their third pleasure. One will be fucking them, while the other will be touching and caressing

+ Hanzo’s the more sensitive one, and makes such lovely faces while he’s being pleasured

+ Mccree is the most vocal. Buy a gag, because he’ll get looouudd

Feel free to drop a prompt, question or headcanon request if you wanna read more!


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