Hi there! First, I hope you’re feeling much better! D: Headaches are the worse. Second, you can take your time and answer whenever you want, but think you can make something with a dom Soldier 76 and McCree? Dirty talk and kinks for both, of course 8} like what they would be into and/or what they would enjoy doing to their significant other kink-wise. Thanks, and feel better!


Howdy darling! My head feels 100% better now, thank you! It’s been a hella long and painful day, but now I definitely feel better uwu
If I think I can write some Daddy 76 and High Noon Bae kinky headcanons? Babe, I sure can. Those two are great to write sins about ❤

Soldier 76
> this man is generally very vanilla, but let’s face it: a good ol’ daddy kink is a must even for him. He doesn’t exactly know why but there’s something about being called daddy that never fails to turn him on. Probably it’s because he’s aware of the age gap between his s/o and him, but he knows neither of them care that much.

> s/o would sometimes take advantage of that turn on and call Jack daddy in all kinds of situations, from the more sexy ones to the every day ones. Even jokingly. And when they accidentally call him that in public, Jack literally drags them into an alley and pins them against a wall, growling in their ear while roughly rubbing a knee between their legs.

> “What did I tell you about teasing me like that, babe? You know daddy doesn’t really like it. And you also know what happens to bad boys/girls who disobey, don’t you?” (oh man just imagining that sexy, low, growly voice of his making me loose my cool)

> once he loses his calm he’s the dirtiest man alive. Remember that wall from before? Morrison would definitely punish s/o by fucking them right there and then, pressing them against the wall and going at it from behind or holding them up, their back pressed against the cold bricks, and just thrusting in them.

> aside from that though, he’s a very passionate lover. He’d spend hours and hours making sweet love to his s/o. But sometimes he loves to spice things up: like, he’d start very gentle and loving and then suddenly he’d pin his s/o down on the bed and roughly pound them, going at it deeper and harder and eventually leaving all sorts of marks on his s/o’s skin.

> idk man he just enjoys making his lover scream and moan and gasp loudly. (and I’d love that too)

> move aside ladies, Kink King is in. As it’s well known, Jesse  McCree is a certified flirt and a huge ass tease, but nothing turns him on more than his s/o actually responding to his teasing with more teasing. He’s just into this sort of rivalry, if that makes sense.

> is making his s/o publicly hot and bothered considered a kink? Because this man damn sure loves getting off to it. The two of them would be sitting next to each other in a meeting aand s/o would feel the cowboy’s hand slowly creeping up their thigh and to their crotch, making slow circular movements and adding more and more pressure the closer he gets to their arousal.

> you can say he kinda has a thing for explicit pda

> “Hadn’t it been for all these folks taking all around here, darlin’, I’d already have you screamin’ my name while I ride ya for good on this table.”

> oh, he just LOVES the way s/o bites their lip and blush harder at every dirty word he pronounces, which only gets his own arousal worse. And once said public event is over, he wastes no time in pinning them down and just get at it.

> another kink he lives for is definitely getting marked by s/o, if that counts as a proper kink. He loves the feeling of his s/o’s teeth or nails pressing in his skin, eventually drawing some blood, and the satisfying feeling of… somehow power he gets from checking his markings out in the nearest mirror, after a particular rough session, is just too much, Sometimes that alone is enough to turn him again and get ready for the next round of rodeo, darlin’.

God, these were so good to write ❤ I’m weak for these two, I swear this is not even my finaL FORM–
Anyways, I hope you little sin-ducklings enjoyed these ;3


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