Hanzo, Reaper, and McCree with an s/o that has a bad memory


I hope you enjoy!


– He’s the one who takes action to help you remember thing

– Will buy you one of those calendar/planner books so you can write down appointments and stuff

– Will also buy you a small notebook to carry with you so you can write stuff down as soon as you think of it

– Can get a little frustrated when you forget stuff, but he’s good at not showing it, and he cools down quickly

– Will look into ways to help strengthen memory, like those mental exercises things


– Doesn’t really care unless you forget something important

– Very few things qualify as ‘important’

– Those things are mostly along the lines of ‘don’t mention you’re dating this incredibly dangerous mercenary to anyone or Overwatch is going to show up on your front door’

– Will be pretty angry if you ever happen to mention that fact to anyone; he doesn’t want Overwatch finding out about you

– Will drill you on what to do if any of his enemies find you so you don’t forget


– He can be a little forgetful too. He’s fine on missions, but when he gets home he kinda crashes from the hyper vigilance and gets a little forgetful

– It makes cooking together interesting because it has happened that you both forgot about something that was cooking

– Unfortunately, it was in one of the Overwatch communal kitchens. Soldier 76 was NOT happy

– Will leave sticky notes hidden in random places with “I love you” written on them, just to make sure you don’t forget how much he cares about you. Doesn’t actually think you’ll forget, it’s just an excuse 

– He once forgot your birthday

– He spent a week trying to make it up to you

– Asked Athena to remind him when your birthday gets close again. Just in case


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