Reaper, 76 and McCree being pegged by a lady that likes to be rough and bites? >;3c


Reaper: Is a complete power bottom most of the time, but once he’s bitten for the first time, that boy is like a little kitten, just mewling happily and rolling his hips back into each thrust. His face is red and there’s a pout on his face when he’s not bitten and isn’t just pounded into.

Soldier 76: At first he’s not a huge fan of being pegged but the first time is heavenly and he starts moaning the moment his prostate in nailed. He has to have his lady go slow the first time, but once he’s used to it, he’s happy to be pounded into the mattress.

McCree: He’s in literal heaven and has a huge smile on his face, legs spread wide. Moans the entire time and his fingers are tangled in the sheets. It’s his favorite thing in the world to be pegged, and wears every bite mark proudly, with a huge smile.


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