Is the ask open? Could I ask for alpha Junkrat, McCree, Hanzo and Genji when they accidentally scare their omega partner? Like they’re just upset about something but in their anger just, really scare their poor little omega?


dont hurt my heart like this man :’)

who am i kidding i am ecSTATIC TO DO THIS

Junkrat would be livid if someone consistently has a go at Junkers, calling them uncouth savages with brains fried by the radiation from the Outback, that they deserve the shitty conditions they live in, that people like him have no place in society. He hardly gets angry, but when his people are insulted? The grenade pin gets pulled. His anger burns blazing hot and lightning quick, tearing down the person, most often by physical means of removing their guts from the earth. He wouldn’t notice the Omega behind him, about to give him good news for that day. He wouldn’t register the silent tears that spill down their cheeks, pupils dilating in fear as they see the normally cheerful (albeit trigger-happy) Australian morph into an almost feral beast that was more teeth and claws than human. As soon as he realises his mistake, he tries to comfort his s/o, but soon discovers that giving them space is better than potentially inciting another fearful response. He comes back about a week later, having stolen some of his s/o’s favourite things to give to them in hopes of making them think that he’s more than that, that he’s more than the monster he revealed himself to be.

McCree would be incensed by anything he finds particularly unjust. He will act on his gut feelings, normally by unloading Peacekeeper to intimidate or to kill. His face would be pinched in white-hot anger, and his words almost intelligible from the growls that rumble in his chest. It’s only the Omega’s distressed sniffles that bring him back under. Jesse just lets out the biggest gasp that s/o would have found comical if they weren’t so damn scared of him at that moment. He sweeps them into his arms and apologises over and over again, and means every single one.

Hanzo’s rage would be incited when people taunt him about his past sins, about what he, the great dragon, did in order to “discipline” the flighty sparrow. His fury is silent; mostly glaring at the perpetrator until they get unnerved and turn their back on him. That is when he strikes. He puts an arrow through each of their joints, taking his sweet time to draw out their agonized yells before he ends them with an arrow through their throat. He doesn’t grant the person the privilege of hearing him speak, but he does utter one word as soon as the smell of fear leaches into his awareness. Their name. He’d panic and bolt as soon as he sees his Omega standing, staring wide-eyed at both him and the corpse before them. He wouldn’t have the guts to face his Omega, so they’d have to corner him somewhere private. Once that happens, it takes a moment for him to crack and start begging for their forgiveness. Afterwards, he just waits on them hand and foot in order to make it up to them, stopping only when they explicitly tell him that he’s forgiven.

Genjireacts pretty normally during his anger, but because s/o hardly sees him angry, it gets pretty unnerving. (Note: He’s never exploded in anger, but one day,,, maybe,,, ;3c) He’ll try to stop himself the moment he loses control, and apologises immediately and sincerely. He’ll berate himself for his loss of discipline and will spend the better part of a month making sure that his Omega is okay.


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