mccree s76 genji reaper lucio with s/o who has overprotective older siblings?


I can relate to this from both sides!

I treated the fill for McCree as present day, and 76 and Reaper as their pasts in Overwatch.


McCree looks like a bumpkin they picked up on the side of the road on the drive home, none of their siblings are impressed. He’s as polite as he can be, tipping his hat when he says hello and removing it before entering the house. Any questions they ask him he answers as best he can, even trying to be funny when possible. McCree gets a few eye rolls in response at best. His partner’s siblings still ask if he really is someone they picked up on the side of the road and asked to pretend to be their boyfriend. Eventually McCree gets fed up and asks his partner, loudly, if they picked up their siblings on the side of the road. McCree’s friendly but he’s not a pushover, and he does have a bad habit of mouthing off and a knack for getting himself into trouble. This time is probably one of the worst. The visit with his partner’s family is not only seriously shortened, but McCree is banned from ever coming back on visits that his partner’s siblings are there. 

Soldier: 76

Morrison’s worried about making a fool of himself in front of his partner’s siblings. He wants to impress them but he doesn’t want to come across as insincere. They keep reassuring him that everything will be fine as long as he’s himself. He’s got a very likable personality, their siblings are just really protective of them with everyone. Their siblings will warm up to him with some time, it’s nothing to worry about! 

Morrison manages to make a fool of himself and comes across as very awkward…. his enthusiastic talk about golfing does it. He’s as red as his shirt and mumbling to himself that it’s not the worst sport out there when one of his partner’s siblings puts Morrison in a headlock. The sibling was going to tease him about it, when Morrison reverses the grip. Their sibling isn’t even mad, in fact their sibling is laughing. Next thing Morrison knows the siblings are asking how he did that and if he can teach them. It’s that instant that he goes from Uncool Nerd Guy to Cool Nerd Guy. Morrison doesn’t even hesitate and goes right into “Commander Mode” to instruct the siblings on how to get someone in a proper headlock, how to reverse it, and even sharing a few other basic defense tactics. The group has the strangest mock fight all the way into the evening. 


They’re nervous about introducing Reyes to their siblings. He can be hotheaded about pushy people, and so can their siblings. But they want their boyfriend to be able to get along with their family. They ask Reyes to keep his temper when he talks to their siblings; their siblings are so protective because they haven’t had the best history with romantic relationships. Reyes assures them that everything will be fine, he’s not worried about himself but their siblings. He won’t start anything, but if their siblings do then all bets are off! With the way he smiles afterwards it’s hard to tell how much of a joke, or how serious Reyes is about that. 

Just how well their siblings take to Reyes is shocking. Reyes goes from looking as though he’s going to get into a fistfight with his partner’s siblings, to laughing with them and telling stories about his own family. He has quite the collection of siblings himself and he’s very protective of them too. He commends his partner’s siblings for being so caring too, but they’re in safe hands with him! Every family get-together afterwards, their siblings blow up their phone asking if Reyes is coming again. 


Even before the two got together, Lúcio’s partner talked about their family. They told him plenty of times how much they’d like to introduce Lúcio to their family someday! When the opportunity arrives, Lúcio’s partner invites him to their family home.

Lúcio has an idea of the personalities that match each face he’s seen in pictures, and he’s eager to meet the family in person finally! On the trip his partner is excited and nervous as they tell him about their older siblings. The siblings are nice but can be very protective and they don’t want Lúcio to feel like it’s personal. Of course Lúcio’s as sweet and optimistic as ever as he assures his partner that everything will be fine!

The meeting doesn’t go as planned at all. The whole part about their siblings being stern and pushy towards

Lúcio started but doesn’t end as expected. Their siblings quickly go from questioning him in a standoffish way to talking to

Lúcio about his music, and the places he’s traveled with their younger sibling. He’s so friendly and easygoing with his partner and their siblings it’s hard to imagine that this is the first meeting. 


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