4,5,9,13,15 for genji please n thank you!! <33


Best places to kiss on their body:

His face! Literally his entire unmasked face. He will just love it. Genji especially loves quick butterfly kisses.

Guilty pleasures:

Food and sex used to be at the top of his list – though no one would say that he felt guilty about those.  He doesn’t really have many guilty pleasures now except for maybe watching cheesy martial arts movies.

Humiliating memories:

Genji has a lot of memories of him and Hanzo teasing one another as children. Genji would try to pull pranks on his brother while Hanzo would tell Genji lies to make him nervous (”I saw a scary lady with claws for hands under your bed. I wouldn’t sleep in there if I were you”).  But one memory that makes Genji feel terrible was when one of his pranks went awry at school and Hanzo took the blame for him. He was nearly expelled and his father punished Hanzo severely but still he took the fall for his brother. Genji never thanked him for it and he still feels guilty to this day remembering the way that Hanzo stared at him in anger as the teachers berated him for Genji’s mistake.

What gets them flustered:

Any reference to liking Genji as a person – as a human – takes him aback. Asking questions, getting to know him, being actually interested in the things that he likes is something he really appreciates. He’s used to people thinking he’s a half-omnic traitor or a cool cyborg ninja. He’s used to the monks treating him with kindness and teaching him life lessons. He’s not used to people wanting to know him personally, wanting to do human things with him. Going to the movies? Out to dinner? Shopping? Things that he used to do without a second though cause him to get so flustered and second guess himself so much.

What it takes to make them cry:

For the longest time, Genji wasn’t even sure if he could cry any longer. Even pain wasn’t the same in his new body. Not to mention, physical ailments always paled in comparison to the rough treatment it took to keep him alive and turn him into what he is now. But there were times that he felt so overwhelmed emotionally at the Shambali monastery. Alone, he began to tear up at Zenyatta’s kind, understanding words. Now, he’s a little more free with his emotions but it would still take quite a lot for him to start crying.


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