13,15,18, and 21 for McCree


What gets them flustered:

McCree likes to think of himself as unshakable. If someone acts sexy or flirty for him, he puts on a smirk and rolls with the punches. But he is so off guard when someone just acts cute. Little sighs of happiness, embarrassed “I love you”s, innocent giggling, homecooked dinners…. He can’t handle it. He can’t handle domesticity or stereotypical meetcutes. It’s a sense of normalcy he’s never had and something he always assumed he would never have.

What it takes to make them cry:

He’s seen a lot of things he regrets. Has done a lot of things he wishes he hadn’t. It takes a lot for this cowboy to cry. Even at the death of a fellow soldier, he might not shed a tear. He’d be incredibly sad, of course, but he wouldn’t cry. People die around him all of the time. But if you really want to see him cry, put on a heartbreaking movie where the loyal, young companion dies. You’ll only see him tearing up for a second, but one sniffle and a quick eye rub later, he’ll be back to his usual self.

Things they’ll never admit:

He blames a lot of what happened during his time in Blackwatch on himself. McCree knows he’s not a “good guy”. But he’s always tried to pride himself on the fact that he knows exactly when to quit. Instead of fighting to make things right, make things work in the one place he’s ever done real good, he left. He bailed because it was easier to leave than it was to help make Blackwatch – and Overwatch, by extension – better than it was. In his youth, he never thought he’d be a “hero” and now it’s a self fulfilling prophey. And he regrets it. And maybe, just maybe, he could have saved some of his friends.

Turning points in their life:

It wasn’t exactly when he joined Blackwatch. It was just a job, just a way to keep out of prison. Do something that people would appreciate, for once. It wasn’t until some months later, when Gabriel nudged him hard in the ribs and offered to buy the kid lunch, did McCree really realize what it was like to be surrounded by people who appreciated him. All his life, people had used him for his skills as a gunslinger, a lover, a mercenary. Now, he was part of something larger than him. It was kind of a shocking realization, but one he kept to himself. He wishes he hadn’t.


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