Oooohhh h/c’s on how McCree would spend his birthday with his s/o? And how would he spend their birthday with them too? C: thank you!!


on McCree’s birthday:
– he isn’t too big on his birthday. he doesn’t like thinking about the fact he’s almost forty and getting old.
– he’s perfectly fine with getting told a few simple “happy birthday”s from everyone.
– but if his s/o decided to treat him to some breakfast in bed and buy him something, he’d most likely be the happiest man in the world that day.
– he wouldn’t want to make it a big deal, but he’d be happy to spend the whole day cuddling and spending time with s/o. that’s the best present he could ask for.

on his s/o’s birthday:
– he would make it such a big deal. not like he’d throw them a party, unless they wanted that of course.
– he’d make it a big deal by telling them happy birthday every moment he’s with them. he’d even take the off work that day for a “ very important personal matter “.
– he’d take his s/o out on a date to their favorite place to eat and take them shopping so they could pick out some things they’d like.
– once they’d get home, he’d show them the gift he got for them without them knowing. ( it’s most likely be some type of jewelry or something his s/o mentioned they wanted months ago )
– just like on his birthday, he’d just want to spend the day cuddling with them. but of course, if they wanted to go somewhere he’d taken them.

thank you for the request!!!


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