Tell me about poly McGenji and their SO, please? SFW, NSFW, domestic, anythiiinnng.


This is a new ship for me and I’m v happy I got this bc I get to talk abt robo puss can expand on my shipping capabilities!

SFW: Both are complete romantics, and do anything for their s/o like it’s crazy. McCree likes rubbing their back and feet, while Genji braids and plaits their hair. They cuddle in a big pile w Genji in the middle.

NSFW: Genji has interchangeable genitalia and can make it into a vag or a penis easily. He tastes like green apples and gets very excited very easy. Likes when their s/o eats him out while McCree fucks his mouth, and it’s almost routine to fuck before bed.

Domestic/Misc.: Genji is the first one up for meditation, and takes five million pictures of his lovers before waking them with sweet kisses. When he’s feeling down about himself, his s/o and McCree spoil him rotten with kisses and fingerblasting and oral (bc he deserves it and he’s a qt under that mask f i g h t m e). McCree makes coffee while their s/o makes french toast and Genji sets the table.


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