If requests are open, how about McCree, Junkrat, Roadhog, Hanzo and Genji jealousy headcanons?


They’re always open to those who ask for it :3

Jesse McCree:

-If someone is chatting you up, this Talon agent will be by your side immediately. No joke. His muscled arm would slip around your waist, or your shoulders, or just wrap around your hips with his head on your shoulder. He would lay very soft kisses along your jaw, while making eye-contact with the guy chatting you up. His smile wouldn’t be sincere, it’d be more like a snarl and his hat would shadow his eyes to make them like extremely dark. Sexy to you, but to the flirty person they would be the eyes of a predator. Would most probably ask you who’s your new little friend here, in the most patronising way possible. Would idly chatter for a few moments, saying things like;

“Yeah, if Anyone would try to chat up my darlin’ here? I’d make them really nicely aquainted with my gun, ya know what I mean?”

-If it’s petty jealousy, like you’re spending a bit too much time with his other colleagues (but, like, it’ll take a Lot to get him like this, mainly beacause he’s not that jealous) just expect him to drop by at weird parts of the day, when you and said colleague are doing something together and just literally drape himself over you, silently demanding attention.


– If someone is flirting with you,and this lil bomb homes in on it, he’ll take immediate action. But somehow tends to be unpredictable. His reactions would range from fullout tackling you, spring up between you two or go up behind the said flirter and probably might try to light their hair on fire. Probably shove a bomb down their pants. His eyes will be wider, slightly more manic, baring his teeth in a grin that’s obviously forced, fingers clenching and unclenching.

“Hey, mate, don’t cha think you’re getting a bit close to what’s mine?” *cue the lil giggle*

-If it’s petty jealousy, again, with his colleague (unless it’s Mako, that’s fine) he’ll become a cling on, a tall koala, and will just stick by you 24/7.


– If some person insisting on buying you a drink, trying to get your number, expect Mako to be less than friendly. You could be in the middle of declining his offer, when your feet just leave the ground, you are slung over Roadie’s shoulder. Mako might even just roughly push the person down to the ground before stomping off, growling softly under his breath. Will draw himself even higher -if possible- for intimidation, the dark sockets of his mask boring into the scared-shitless flirter.

“I don’t like it when they steal what’s mine away.”

-If it’s petty jealousy (Doesn’t mind your closeness with Jamie at all, but will probably draw a line somewhere), he’ll send Junkrat to spy (which of course doesn’t go well because this boy-o is l o u d and not stealthy). Will not own up to sending his lil friend to spy on you and might even turn a lil deaf when you insist on the subject.

Hanzo Shimada:

– When someone is just playfully flirting, you’ll feel someone staring. Who? Hanzo. He won’t go up for an immediate confrontation and will just see what you do, but will be putting out a malicious aura and will be scowling. His eyes would be narrowed, clenching his teeth. If the person gets more insistent and you’re obviously uncomfortable, Hanzo will roughly push them off and grab your elbow, leading you away. Holding you tightly, and very close to him.

“That display was utterly disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourself for treating my lover like that. Dishonour on you, dishonour on your cow.”

-If it’s petty, he’ll just be more huffy and might give you the silent treatment. Will also start suddenly to lightly bitch about the person in question.

Genji Shimada:

– As soon as the first flirty comment comes from the person’s lips, Genji will be in there, right between them. He’ll talk with a tone that sounds light and friendly but will have an incredibly dark undertone. He’d place a hand lightly on the person’s shoulder but will squeeze it way too hard and painfully. His other hand will seek his lover’s fingers and would tightly intertwine them, rubbing a thumb along theirs.

“Excuse me, but I don’t think my beloved is quite comfortable with you. Might want to leave them alone before something… Nasty happens.”

-If it’s petty, you’ll find him in the most stupid places to spy. You’re chatting with another person, open a cupboard to grab something and there’s Genji. Expect his cyborg body to exhale steam everytime you find him, mostly from embarrassment. Will voice his jealousy and you’ll just need to keep reminding him there’s no reason to be jealous.


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