Forbidden romance scenarios for McCree, Junkrat, 76? Specifically why its forbidden and what they do about it. I did ask before and I wasn’t sure if you got it or not and if you just didn’t answer because you didn’t want to do it then thats fine, I don’t mind. Just be sure to be happy today, this blog is great.


Thanks for the kind words, and I may have deleted this one on accident when I got it before. Plus, I’m doing headcanons bc they’re easier for me

Junkrat: It’s forbidden bc his crush’s parents think he’s a no good outlaw and needs to stay away from their daughter. Think Romeo and Juliet, but with less dying and more explosions. Says fuck it and kidnaps his crush (with their permission) so they can live together forever.

McCree: It’s back in his Blackwatch days, and Reyes said that it’s not wise nor is it allowed for him to be in love with an Overwatch recruit but McCree is like ‘but they’re s o cute’. Ends up running away with them and joining Overwatch after he left Blackwatch.

Soldier 76: He’s in love with a civilian and he thinks it’s forbidden for himself bc they’re an innocent and he’ll put them in harms way with his love so he doesn’t pursue them. With Mercy’s encouragement, he talks to his crush, and they end up joining Overwatch to be with him.


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