Hanzo, Reaper, and McCree walking into their s/o’s room to find their s/o laying on the bed in ONLY underpants in front of a fan trying to cool off from the summer heat.


As you wish dear anon



Like usual, he’d would turn away from you with a deep flush, wondering why your not wearing anything beside your underwear. Where’s the rest of your clothes and why weren’t you wearing them? He might scold you a little. What if it wasn’t him that walked in? For the rest of the day he wouldn’t be able to look at you with out picturing you naked.


At first it wouldn’t seem he wasn’t fazed by the sight. It was hard enough to read his emotions with the mask always over his face, but he just stood there staring at you. You try not to let bother you, but you flinch every time he takes a step closer to you. By the time he’s reached the end of your bed, you’re squirming with anticipation. You’re going to need more fans….or a cold shower.


Like Reaper; he’d just stare at you for a moment but would end up undressing and joining you in bed. He’s used to the heat but seeing you flush with a bright blush is always the best thing to see. He teases you a little for not being able to keep your clothes on whenever he’s nearby. 50% you just cuddle for the rest of the day, 50% you end up getting those covered in more then just sweat.


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