Hanzo, McCree, and Genji playing strip poker with their SO.


I don’t know how you play poker
I‘ll use young Genji for this one cuz I don’t think strip poker will work with a cyborg


  • At first he acts as if he’s losing but then suprise he has good cards
  • He gets redder and redder every time you remove a piece of clothing
  • If you’re almost naked he won’t be able to focus on his cards anymore
  • He’d be a stuttering and blushing mess
  • He won’t initiate anything, but he sure is turned on


  • Poker expert 2.0
  • He’ll tell you before hand that he isn’t that good in the game BUT HE’S A LIAR
  • He will stare with a stupid smug smile on his face at you
  • Will compliment your body everytime you remove a piece of clothing
  • He can get a bit handsy but will stop if you ask him too
  • I’m a 110% sure that the two of you will fuck


  • He is so sure he will be great at this
  • Ends up being the only one who’s completely naked
  • Has no shame
  • He blushes if he sees his s/o staring too long

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