Cuddles with Mcree, Genji and Lucio please?~


I live for snuggles and cuddles


  • Big spoon
  • Cuddles, cuddles everywhere
  • He will take every opportunity to wrap his arms around you and pull you into a big bear hug
  • his beard scratches your face
  • he will pull you into his poncho


  • awkward hugs
  • It’s kinda weird for him, he isn’t used to be this close to someone with his robotic body
  • Little spoon
  • He needs you to hug him
  • will bury his face in your shoulder


  • So many hugs
  • Like every time he sees you he has to hug you
  • The two of you look way too cute when you cuddle
  • always tries to be the big spoon even if he’s shorter than u

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