Also since Mccree is one of your crushes, I’ll send you an ask about him! What are your H/C for him when he first crushes on someone and how he woes them?


this anon is after my heart i s2g

  • the first thing he’ll notice about them is how they smell
  • like they’ll walk by him and all of a sudden, WOOSH. it smells like lavender
  • the poor boy will turn around so quickly he almost snapped his neck
  • when their eyes meet, and he knows he’s in love
  • he’s in a daze for a whole three seconds before he approaches them
  • “So, Tracer, who’s the new recruit?” “I thought you said you didn’t have time for noobs?” “Well, uhm…..”
  • you giggle a bit and he is so embarrassed like he’s cheeks are redder than his god damn poncho
  • but hey tracer’s not gonna be a complete meanie about it so she’ll find some excuse to drop you off with mccree, and he’ll end up being the one who shows you around
  • every day he’ll casually use a pick-up lines like they’re all corny but hey let’s face it they’re kind of working
  • always goes out of his way to compliment you
  • “You’re hotter than a tin roof in August ;)”
  • after about a month or two he decides he can’t take it anymore and needs to ask you out (he would’ve done it sooner honestly but he didn’t want to rush things and potentially mess everything up)
  • it takes him a week to get hyped up to do it
  • “i’m gonna do it, i’m gonna ask them out on a date and we’re gonna have a bbq and we’ll be flippin’ burgers and–” *sees them walk in his direction “n E V E R  M I N D”
  • one day he comes up behind you and tucks a flower behind your ear (its a daisy)
  • “Hey darlin’, how ‘bout you ‘n me go out on a picnic later. Just the two of us.”
  • has a totally cool exterior but on the inside he’s AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • when you agree he’s still chill but once you get out of eye-sight he literally starts praying to god and thanks him for this opportunity
  • once he realizes he’s going to be alone with you on a romantic date he just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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