(That is indeed the picture, yes!) I meant that they just saved it and held onto it like maybe a memory, but fuck now I like the idea of them wearing it whenever they had to do a bigger or riskier job because /fuck were the Deadlocks intimidating/. Sure, no one would back them up and *technically* they weren’t a real member, but people didn’t have to know that. They got in a shootout once and a bullet grazed the sleeve and s/o hated themselves for messing up the last thing they had of him.


Sure, they could cover it with another patch (they probably sewed all the patches on for McCree in the first place, boy could sew but he’d invariably stab himself with the needle) or just stitch it up, but it wouldn’t be the same and as they stare at it they realise that it already isn’t the same, as much as they pretend it is it doesn’t smell like him anymore and it’s more worn than it was and it doesn’t feel as warm as it used to.

And so s/o breaks down sobbing over a fucking jacket, but they can’t help it.

And then when they meet up with McCree again he’s so shocked that they kept his jacket and so happy that they’ve kept it all this time and maybe reveals he’s kept something too, maybe it’s the serape he always wears or like a little necklace they made him.


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