reactions for hanzo, reaper, or mccree seeing their s/o being hit on or touched inappropriately by someone they don’t know?


don’t they fear death om



  • If he’s away from them he’ll narrow his eyes and basically teleport his way next to his s/o
  • Will hold the person’s wrist very tight.
  • “How dare you?” in a snarl.
  • He won’t do anything besides holding their wrist…but will hold his s/o close and both will walk out.
  • However, the person will find out their car is completely destroyed by arrows.
  • And will get slammed against the hood by a very muscular, angry ninja.
  • “I will not be as merciful next time.”


  • McCree is the sort of guy who is just sweetly threatening yanno?
  • Like if someone was with his s/o, touching them inappropriately, he’d be mad, of course he’d be mad.
  • But he’d appear and tip his hat, locking eyes with the person, still smiling, “Well,well,well,look what the cat dragged in.”
  • Blows smoke on the person’s face too aisuhasuihsad
  • If the person tries to say shit, they’ll stop at the click of a revolver that’s resting against their nose.
  • “Now,pally, if I was ya I’d be runnin’. Cause my darlin’ here is really upset at ya.”
  • And so am I.So I am goin’ to count to three.” 
  • He doesn’t.
  • Literally shoots around the person’s foot before they run away.


  • This person is either extremely brave or stupid.
  • They are probably stupid.
  • They wouldn’t have a chance to EVEN touch his s/o before a black tendril grabs their foot and swipes them against he wall.
  • The look of terror on their face as Reaper form up in front of them is incredible.
  • Reaper grabs them by the throat, the sharp fingertips digging deep onto the skin.
  • He doesn’t really says anything, just clutches his hand around their throat until they are wheezing for air.
  • Then he drops them.
  • Run.”
  • They do and when they are a very good distance, Reaper pulls out his gun and says “Don’t wait for me.”
  • Then he disappears.

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