Pet names, what McCree, Hanzo, Genji, and Widowmaker would like to be called, but will never admit that?



  • McCree is mostly up for being called anything as he’s mostly just glad that they care enough to actually come up with something for him. He’ll likely get flustered, but will try covering it up by dipping his hat lower to hide the blush forming on his face.
  • Hanzo won’t like it if his s/o calls them something in public, but he’s a sucker for being called things like “love” or “darling.” Something that shows commitment rather than a cute, temporary name.
  • Genji likes bantering back and forth with pet names, trying to come up with a new one each time. He’ll usually treat them like jokes, but he loves it if his s/o uses a Japanese pet name for him. He feels reassured when his s/o uses them in public, because it shows him that they love him.
  • Widowmaker doesn’t want ones that show a heavy commitment. She’s used to not dealing with emotions, and will likely not want to let people know how human she is becoming. She’ll accept an occasional, sweet term of endearment in private.

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