Hanzo, McCree and Lucio doing their own thing then s/o walks right to them and gives them a little kisses on the cheek, smiles and walks away saying: ‘Love ya~!”



– he would be caught off guard and just watch as them as they walk away, giving them a delayed “oh I um- I love you too!” And just touch where they kissed his cheek and smile to himself

– would think about it throughout the day and just smile


– would chuckle And grab their hand pulling them back so he can give them a kiss and say “I love ya too Darlin’”.

– every time his s/o walks by now he looks up and huffs hoping they will do it more but when they do do it again it makes him very happy and will do it back now


– would give a big smile and wave at them like a dork saying “love ya too Hun!” And have a happy productive day of working

– this would really brighten him up and he might touch the spot they kissed from time to time and get that big goofy smile again


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