A scenario of where Genji, McCree, Hanzo, and 76 get badly injured in a fight and their crush/SO starts defending them from enemy attack as they wait with them until support shows up? I always see the boys helping the SO, so lets switch it up a bit!


i wanted to write full scenarios but that would take forever, so 



  • He assures you he’s not in pain but you don’t believe it for a second, even robotic limbs aren’t supposed to bend that way
  • You do your best to keep calm
  • He can see that you’re panicking and tries to help you decide what to do
  • Eventually you drag him to a corner and camp out there, picking off any enemies who come near
  • He thanks you a lot but you just brush it off
  • Expect something very nice happening soon to repay you


  • You’re out in the middle of the goddamn battlefield when you hear a little gasp from behind you
  • You turn around and he’s pressing his hand to his side, where blood is slowly staining his shirt
  • He’s still shooting with his other hand
  • You yell at him to get down, moving to stand over him
  • He’s still throwing out fuckin one-liners as you’re fighting for both of your lives
  • You end up using a lot of his flashbangs to keep from being overwhelmed
  • He pretends he had it completely under control, but is extra nice to you for the next week or so
  • Go out for drinks sometime. It’s on him.


  • He didn’t make a noise until it got really really bad
  • You had absolutely no idea he was hurt until he pretty much collapsed
  • You’re just panicking, swearing up a fucking storm and trying to keep enemy fire off of him as much as possible
  • Yeah you take a few hits for him, so the fuck what
  • ….he gets very upset, that’s what
  • He’ll be yelling at you while he’s pretty much bleeding out on the ground
  • Later, once you’re both fixed up, he’ll confess that he’s just terrified of killing another person he loves

Soldier 76

  • He’s so determined to finish the job that he keeps limping into more skirmishes
  • You catch him before he engages another group and pull him back against a wall
  • “Put a fucking emitter down you stubborn old man”
  • “You stay back here and let me go, kid. That’s an order”
  • “And where do you think we’ll be without a commander? You have to take care of yourself.”
  • He gets all huffy but kind of hesitates
  • To make sure he doesn’t sneak off, you take his gun and cover the both of you
  • He doesn’t say anything, but places the healing field so it includes you, too
  • He’ll seek you out later and apologize for his reckless behavior, probably asking how he can make it up to you

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