Oo can we have headcanons if McCree’s, 76’s, and Lucio’s s/o had to go somewhere, so they made a little video/dvd for named character. It’s a video of the s/o masterbating and stuff to keep the character “busy”. “I’ll see you when I get back, baby~”


McCree: Watches that video like crazy, and made one of his own for his s/o, which they enjoy watching as well, and it’s quite nice to watch him get himself off (honestly it’d be a wonderful spectacle imo). They try to Skype as much as they can, and get themselves off for the other to watch as best they can.

Soldier 76: Flushes the first time he sees what’s on the tape and he gets rock hard instantly before snapping a picture and sending it to his s/o with the caption ‘Your tape did this to me, and you’re being punished when you come back. And no touching yourself the entire time.’ And hoo boy does he punish them.

Lùcio: I addressed this in an older ask, and he would have not only the videos that he took, but also the wonderful recordings that he took of them when they fuck, so Dat Boi is all set up for when his s/o leaves. They actually like being filmed, it adds a certain layer of filth to their fucking, and he has many many any videos of them fucking on his phone. It’s gross.


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