Are there any articles of clothing (besides lingerie) that get the guy’s motors running?


Junkrat: Formal attire on his s/o, or a shirt with his logo, and an apron. Just an apron.
Reinhardt: His shirts on his s/o tied behind their hip, high waisted shorts, and booty shorts
Reaper: Booty shorts, and his s/o in his coat
Soldier 76: His jacket, high waisted shorts, and the deep cut arm holed tank tops
Roadhog: Formal attire like Junkrat, and maybe army shorts. An apron, also.
Lùcio: One of his tank tops (with his logo), the colors of the Brazilian flag, and the jersey of his favorite fùtbol team, of course.
McCree: Wear his hat and poncho and hi’s rock hard tbh. That’s all you need. Maybe high waisted jeans shorts and a plaid shirt of his.
Hanzo: Kimonos worn properly, yukata too. Also a dressing robe.
Genji: Same as his brother tbh, and cardigans or sweaters


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