17 and 26 for mccree pls? (i love this blog im dying squirtle)


hi dying squirtle


dad (imsosorryomg)

17♥ What sort of characteristics or quirks draw them to someone?

McCree loves smiles. Like big smiles, the ones that show the gums a little bit. And if their laugh is cute, he’d be completely gone. He loves laughter as well, but precisely the ones where people are embarrassed of their laughter so they cover up their mouth or try to hide it.

He’d melt in a little puddle of McCree goo.

26♥ What do they love most about their significant other?

Probably their smile, like I said he loves smiles. He especially loves making his s/o smile!He’s very charming, very flirty with them even if they’ve been together for like years. So he’d wander in, tip his hat back and look at them with a smirk, “Say darlin’,have we met before or did ya just fell down from heaven?” his s/o would sputter a laugh, covering with a hand before glaring at him and that is just the best feeling ever.

Also he likes making them flustered…a lot.In public. >:3c


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