14 14 16 for McCree please and thank you!!! I love all your writing sobs but I need more COWBOY


aw nonnie thank you!!

14♥ Do they make it a point to eat at lease one meal a day together with their partner, or do they do as they please?

Oh man, are you kidding???Personal hc that Mccree can cook, BUT ONLY breakfast.So he wakes up VERY early, he is extremely quiet and wants everything to be perfect.Because his s/o might be busy and so will he, so he just prepares breakfast: freshly squeezed oj, fluffy pancakes, crispy bacon and even cereal!! He also loves to talk while in breakfast, just silly things like their face being beautiful that morning, or whatever happened on the last match he was in.

16♥ Do they have at least one bonding activity they devote to doing with their partner exclusively?

Oh Mccree is just always wanting to bond. Besides sex, he likes to just lay in bed with them.His head on their lap talking about their day…he likes to talk, Mccree enjoys the sound of his s/o’s voice and it lulls him to sleep sometimes.

He’s adorable.


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