Awww YISS my dude lets get some SIN™ okay so how about a S/O who begins to cry /during/ a really intense session of sex (not bad just intense for them) whether it be BDSM or just constant edging, the poor little thing with big ol’ tears rolling down their cheeks, little puffy lips quivering. Tiny little mewls and coughs as they try to hold it together as to not embarrass themselves. REACT : Soilder, Zarya, Reaper and one of your choice.


Sin is my second name so you’ve come to the right place


  • oh she loves it. bites her lips, checks on her SO one more time to make sure they’re okay 
  • then goes down on them, working her tongue in an agonizingly slow pace
  • lots of praise. “a little longer, my heart” “look at you, you’re doing great” “oh you like this, don’t you? so do i”
  • comes up to kiss them gently
  • “you want more?”
  • depending on her SO’s reaction, she either keeps torturing them or gets going for real


  • he lives for this
  • leans over to his SO and licks their tears off their face with long, broad tongue swipes
  • he could get off on that alone
  • chuckles, gives them a short break, then continues
  • spreads it out as long as he can hold it together. then decides to fuck them until they scream, slamming into them 
  • when they cry during that he digs his thumps into their cheeks, smearing their tears all over their face
  • did i say he lives for this? cause he does

Soldier 76: 

  • switches between teasing them and dominating them
  • pulls their head back by their hair: “pull yourself together!” 
  • then he slides his hand down their throat, squeezing ever so slightly, reminding them they better not mess with his command
  • or, depending on their foreplay / his mood, he simply has a dark, low chuckle and a smug grin: “baby, you have no idea how hot you’re looking right now”
  • then goes down on them, enjoying the sound of their whimpers
  • (if you think he stops pleasuring/teasing/torturing them while saying any of that, you’re wrong)
  • tries not to let the whole thing affect him too much, but he’s turned on
  • afterwards, he holds them close. “that was beautiful, babe.” 


  • “oh, fuck”
  • he can’t deal. like. the effect he has on them? on them? this incredibly hot person? 
  • has to take a few breaths to not come right then and there
  • stares at them. tries to burn this picture into his soul, he wants to remember it forever
  • keeps going but pulls them in for a kiss, treasuring how they sob and cough into his mouth
  • he will never need porn again. this, this right here is his fantasy come true
  • jacks off to the thought of them for months to come

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