Holy shit, this fandom is amazing. And I mean: really. So kind, and open, and creative. I feel very welcome and you embraced me with open arms. 

So it’s give-away time for me to return the kindness! 

1st price: 3,000+ words fanfic for character, pairing and setting of your choice (reference: 2x this chapter length)

runner-up: 1,500+ words fanfic 

for character, pairing and setting of your choice (see above)


  • I want to celebrate the kind people so I just really will not write for a blog where I see any kind of discriminatory / hateful shit going on. Of course you can follow for this give-away and unfollow after you won. I will just sob myself to sleep then m)
  • reblogs and likes count. you can reblog multiple times but please don’t spam your followers, even though I know Jack’s face is very handsome.
  • no give-away blogs
  • give-away ends July 20th. When I notify you, you have 48h to claim the price, else I’ll re-roll. your asks must be open.
  • I will publish the fic here or link to it on this blog. If you like, you can remain anonymous.
  • I will write your OC but you have to give me info on them or there’s nothing I can write them from 🙂 x reader is okay but not my strong suit.
  • I will not write NSFW content / smut for anyone under 18, I’m sorry. 
  • For those 18+ we can talk about NSFW content (example) but this is with a big MAYBE because 1) I have to be able to write the kink / scene and 2) it really depends on the request. 
  • I will not write any of the following: noncon/dubcon; sexual content involving underage characters, Winston or Bastion, anything somehow discriminatory (slurs, hate speech, stereotypes etc).

I’ll try writing something for you quickly, but please know that it could take a few days or weeks depending on your prompt / request and my workload. 

Also, if you’re happy with a small drabble or have an amazing prompt you want to send me just in case, my ask box is open and I’m taking requests! Just know that they probably won’t compare in length to this give-away :3 Here’s more of my writing in case you’re curious. Any questions? Send me a message.

PS: flower crown cred.

sup ppl I have a give-away


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