Hello there! I was wondering if I could get some general head cannons for Genji McRobodick, Handsoap, Dad76, and Hunkrat? If that’s too many people, feel free to narrow it down a bit. But please keep Junkie, he is my Waifu.


Your nicknames for them are golden, omg. I’m just going to do general, domestic headcanons for each, since you didn’t specify a s/o, but if you wanted otherwise, feel free to message me again!


He has a small collection of Marimo Moss Balls that he keeps in little jars around the house. 

He’s a total neat freak. He wasn’t at all the same when he was younger, but now his house is always very clean and organized.


McCree got him into eating sunflower seeds and now he eats them all the time. Unlike McCree though, he is good about cleaning up the shells.

Did I mention he smells good? Well he smells really good. Like rosemary, jasmine, and mint. It’s intoxicating.

Soldier 76:

Although he enjoys a cold beer now and then, Jack has a weakness for fancy, fufu drinks like strawberry daquiris.

He loves dogs. Absolutely adores them. He acts like such a tough, macho soldier all the time but if he sees a Golden Retriever, he will melt.


He’s practically deaf because of his exposure to explosives without proper equipment. He can hear loud noises just fine, so people really need to shout to get his attention.

He loves chick flicks. He and Roadhog get together with a few other team members to watch them every weekend. 


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