genji romance and domestic headcanons?


I hope you like these, dollie!


> …is so sweet to his lover!! he’s treats them like royalty, spoils them with plenty of his love, and respects them more than anything!

> very shy about asking them for dates. even if he’s been with his partner for a long while, he still is bashful when telling them how he’ll like to take them out.

> gifts!! and a lot of them!! he likes seeing their face light up whenever he brings them something new, so he buys them as many little presents as he can.

> at the beginning of the relationship, he’s timid and polite to his partner, but once he gets comfortable, flirty comments and deadpan jokes are sure to pop out at any time.

> inwardly blushes if his beloved compliments him about anything! although he’s swelling with pride at their praises, he reminds himself to stay humble as he sheepishly accepts their kind words with a bow, or sometimes gives them a ‘kiss’ to show his appreciation.

> tells them he loves them whenever he can!! he wants them to remember something so important, and is all too glad to constantly remind them of it.


>…wakes up before sunrise, which may or may not bother his partner in the morning! it’s the time where it’s still so quiet, it’s as if he’s the only person awake in the world at that moment. (his partner still grumbles about going back to bed, though.)

> enjoys cooking/baking for his S/O, and is very good at it; he knows a few classic recipes from his homeland, and proudly presents them to his beloved.

> (bonus: he totally wears an apron while in the kitchen, even if he’s not cooking anything. he simply likes how it looks on him.)

> very helpful with chores!! if his S/O is tired, he would offer to clean the entire house for them! he likes having his things in an neat fashion, so cleaning is more of an activity for him than anything.

> likes being included in his partner’s hobbies! being in their company is already enough for him, so he’ll have a lot more fun if he engages in any activities his partner is into.

> his own hobbies relate to more quiet, thoughtful ones, such as reading, solving puzzles, or Japanese/American chess. he also likes crocheting from time to time.


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