Can I have some Young Genji Scenarios/Headcanons? Maybe along the lines of s/o has to move away somewhere with their parents, how he feels about it and how they keep in contact?


Of course! Young Genji’s such a babe omg

  • He’s not…. confident
  • That is to say, he’s so used to flirting and fucking and moving on that he doesn’t really know how to have a long-lasting relationship
  • But you’re different. You’re someone he actually wants to share his heart with, someone who means the world to him. Someone he couldn’t live without.
  • When he hears you’re leaving, he can’t even begin to comprehend all the minute ways it’ll change his life
  • Holds it together until he’s alone, then has a brief breakdown
  • You tell him over and over it’s not the end of the world, but he begs to differ
  • Not being able to kiss you is such a terrifying concept to him
  • He calls every single day once you leave, sometimes video calls, sometimes not
  • Sends you occasional love letters too because he’s a Sap and you told him once that you like the idea
  • Drives / flies / otherwise travels to wherever you are probably monthly, sometimes completely unexpected
  • Gets even more cuddly than usual once you’ve been gone for a while. “Making up for lost time,” he calls it
  • “Pathetic man-child needs constant attention,” you call it, while happily indulging him
  • He calms down a lot after a few weeks of you being away, once he realizes things aren’t actually that different
  • But he still whines about it whenever he gets the chance.

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