How about a scenario where Genji and his crush are on a mission and it starts raining hard, and without hesitation his crush covers him with their jacket, saying “I would hate to see someone I care about short circuit” or something along those lines?


Escort the payload.

You shift uneasily, looking around your meetup point. There’re six of you on the mission today: you, Genji, Lucio, D.Va, 76, and Mei. A fine team, but, well… you don’t work the best with Genji. Not because you don’t like him; quite the opposite, in fact. You’ve kind of got the hots for him, and it tends to make you a little too reckless.

Even now, waiting for the go-ahead over the comms, you want nothing more than to send Genji back to the base. He shouldn’t be out here where he can get hurt at any moment. It’s way too dangerous for him! You don’t know what you would do if he–

“H-hey, are you okay? You l-look worried.”

Huh, speak of the devil. You look up to see the cyborg himself with his head tilted slightly to the side (adorable). “Yeah,” you say with a weak smile, “just hoping everyone’ll make it out okay.”

“W-well we do have Lucio and 76 with us,” he points out.

“You’re right.” He’s stuttering, though. You have no idea if his vocal cords are still intact, maybe it could be a mechanical malfunction? It is really humid out, with huge stormclouds on the horizon. Could it just be the water in the air messing with his voice? That’s gotta be it. There’s no reason he would actually be stuttering while talking to you.

10… 9… 8,” the steady voice in your ear recites. You nudge Genji and turn to listen to Soldier 76’s traditional pep talk.

“Alright, kids. Call if you need healing. And don’t fuck up.”

Your little group takes turns fistbumping and giving quick hugs, murmuring quiet words of encouragement. “2… 1… go.” And in unison you leave through the double doors.

You quickly fall into position around the vehicle. Mei in front, Hana and 76 on either side, Lucio on top of it, and you and Genji behind it. You smile at him briefly before turning sharp eyes to your surroundings.

“Hostiles incoming, 4 o’clock,” you say, low under your breath.

“Understood,” 76 replies immediately.

You take turns picking them off, occasionally lowering your weapons to hustle to catch up with the payload. You’ve just made it to the first checkpoint when a deafening thunder clap scares all of you. It must signal the start of the storm, as a few seconds later, slow raindrops start to ping off the roof of the payload.

Luckily the second leg of the trip is mostly covered. Mei mentions that her weapons may not work the best when it’s raining, so D.Va swtiches positions with her. Other than that, it remains largely uneventful while you’re inside. But you can hear the rain really picking up outside, which gets you thinking. If just the humidity was enough to mess with Genji’s systems, what would a soaking do?

You set your gun on top of the vehicle momentarily, asking Lucio to cover you. As quickly as you can, you slip out of your jacket and wrap it quickly around Genji. He looks at you, surprised, and you feel your face flushing. Quickly retrieving your weapon as an excuse to hide your face, you blurt out, “I’d hate to see someone I love short circuit.”

He visibly stiffens, both of you turning your eyes to the path, looking for any hint of enemies. “Hey,” he eventually mutters, bumping into your shoulder. “I love you too.” You can hear in his voice that he’s smiling, something that electronics have never quite managed to do.

Maybe he really was just stuttering at you.


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