can you do the period prompt but wiff soldier76, genji, & hanzo? ;D thanks youuu <333




  • He never thought what they said about periods were true.
  • The first few times being with you while you were on your period was HELL.
  • After three-four times, he did adjust to your extreme changes and stuff.
  • When he learned that chocolates and sweet stuff could help you, he would always keep a couple of chocolates and sweets in his pockets. He would practically shove it in your mouth and say “Here, get stabilized.” whenever you became all emotional and shit.
  • He wasn’t that comfortable with you suddenly asking him to buy tampons/pads. So every time it was almost your period, he would actually bring a tampon/pad.
  • He gives you more cuddles than he usually did.
  • Good thing about you having your period was that you both often stayed home. He liked staying home.


  • This man was prepared.
  • He buys too much chocolates whenever you were going to get it.
  • You need tampons/pads? Don’t worry, your cabinet was full of them.
  • If you had cramps, he would come back with a hot pack within seconds and just snuggle up to you.
  • He’ll be all “I know this makes you feel better, so you should eat it.” and make you eat so much sweets.
  • Cooks you so much comfort food.
  • Somehow, he manages to get you to meditate with Zenyatta and him, claiming it can help too.
  • Would ask for rewards after taking such a good care of you.


  • Would always be surprised and panicked when he sees you curled up in pain.
  • Then he realizes you were on your period.
  • It was still hard for him to take care of you while you were on your period since your mood swings were not funny.
  • He limits the sweets you eat everyday as it is bad for your health, according to him.
  • Sometimes, when you go too far, he lectures you about self-control. It often leads into an arguement and he would storm out, leaving you alone.
  • He comes back an hour later, with a box full of chocolates and with a small note written “sorry” in Japanese.
  • Then the both of you just shared the chocolates together while you leaned on him.

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