Reaper and genji with chubby s/o headcanons please? Chubby headcanons are so fucking cute.




  • Loves u a lot. don’t change please
  • Still picks you up and carries you. Just scoffs if you try to say anything about your weight
  • Perpetually ready to fight anyone who talks shit
  • Not very vocal but definitely tries to reassure you through actions
  • Holds your hips a lot, just because
  • Kisses / pinches your cheeks because they’re cute
  • Lord knows where he gets lingerie but he buys you a LOT of lingerie
  • If there’s any possible excuse to cuddle he will take it
  • Big Thigh Couple yes please
  • Probably owns a thick thighs save lives shirt that he only wears around the house with you in case you ever need a reminder that you’re gorgeous


  • Holy shit you’re adorable
  • Hugs you from behind a lot, likes to cross his arms over your stomach
  • “Good morning beautiful” / “you look especially radiant today” / “wear that outfit more, it looks so good on you”
  • Lotsa kisses! Especially on your cheeks, your shoulders, your pudgy little fingers
  • Likes to dance with you in the kitchen in the middle of the afternoon. He must dip you. It is a rule
  • “Hey babe what time is it” “it’s like four Genji why–” “no it’s snuggle time
  • Like literally, he used to be so self-conscious about his hard robot parts but you’re so comfortable?? He’ll spend hours just holding you if you let him
  • You belong on his lap also. Shut up yes you do
  • Makes extra sure that you know he thinks you’re perfect. bc you are

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