so that dark!hanzo post was really good but consider this: dark!genji


oooHHHHHHHHHHHH youuuuu do NOT know what you’re messing with friend. I have feels for Yakuza Hanzo, but younger brother not first in line in the family Yakuza Genji? Beautiful sunshine babe who didn’t ask for this mess? All my fuckING FEELS. Like get the fuck out.

You know what happens now. Long ass imagine under the cut with headcanons underneath. Unfortunately this one works better with the idea that the reader is female, but if you ignore actual traditions then it doesn’t matter; I don’t refer to the reader in any particular gender.


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Alright. Your first encounter with the criminal Shimada family isn’t a
great one. In fact, the way you meet them is actually because your
father arranges for you to be married to Hanzo who’s the current head of
the family. While your family stands to gain a lot monetarily from the
union, you personally know the Shimada’s just want the territory that
your father owns.

You’re just part of a deal. That’s really it.

day you meet Hanzo Shimada with your parents is one you will remember
forever. You’re presented as an object, a bargaining tool, you have been
your whole life. Despite all the depressing outcomes of the day,
there’s actually one little silver lining. It’s also the day you meet
Genji Shimada, Hanzo’s younger brother; technically his shadow and the
head of his personal guards.

The thing is, at the time, neither of you really understand what you’ll mean to each other in the future.

wedding would take place in a month’s time and until then it would be
business as usual for Hanzo, so it’s not like he’d really be able to
spend time with you when he’s trying to make arrangements with your
family for the rest of the ‘dowry’. Secretly you hope there’s trouble so
maybe the wedding is pushed back. A month seems so short. Too short.

You’re moved to live on Shimada property, since well, you are
their property now, but you’re in a place on your own, no where close
to where the head of the family is. Hanzo makes sure to have a few
bodyguards keep an eye on you, but no one actually expects people to be
so vicious towards you.

A lot of people are jealous of your
position and they hate the fact that you get to be with Hanzo. It breaks
your heart. They can take your place if they want it so bad. They’re so
willing to give away their freedom and their being, you’d be willing to
trade. One day things get a bit violent, you’re struck down before any
of your guards can get to you and they come a bit too late. You wear the
cuts and bruises on your face like a champion and you hide all the
others underneath your clothes.

You’re there when the guards have
to explain to their boss why one of his goods has become so damaged
under their care; or something like that anyway. Genji is there at the
meeting and for some reason it kills him inside to see you slowly dying
each day. He can see it. He chalks it up you being his future in-law.
You’re family and they should really look after family better. “I’ll
look after them personally, Hanzo, to make up for the guards’ failures.”
He really shouldn’t because it’s his job to keep his brother safe, not
that Hanzo really needs anyone to help protect him.

Hanzo agrees, not really bothered. He’s busy trying to arrange
everything else around you. You think maybe your future husband thinks
all of this is too troublesome. If it is, why wouldn’t he just let you
go free? Instead you’re stuck with his brother as your shadow now.

suppose it’s not too bad. Genji is much better than his guards. He
actually checks up on you in the morning, midday and evening. Asks if
you need anything before leaving you to your own devices. You have no
doubt he has eyes on you at all times, but at least it feels like
you have some freedom now while you wander the large property instead
of having guards surrounding you like you’re a prisoner.

One day
after the bruises are gone, Genji shows up in casual clothes with a big
grin on his face. He’s usually dressed in a suit or at least something
formal to show status, so you find it a bit bizarre. “I’m taking you out
today. You can’t stay indoors all the time.” You don’t really have a
choice in the matter it seems, as Genji takes you by the arm and drags
you out into public.

It’s the first time you get to see what the
area has, what shops the town has to offer and what the people are like.
For a yakuza controlled area, people seem pretty happy. “The Shimada
have always treated people well. You don’t have to worry.” Genji can
read you like a book and it’s weird. He takes you to eat at places that
have all your favourite foods and that’s terrifying because you had
never told him anything. You put two and two together and figure its
because your bodyguard has been observant. He hasn’t just been keeping
you safe, but he’s tried to figure out what makes you happy.

It’s incredibly sweet.

first few times you’re out together, you’re quiet and apprehensive, but
eventually you come out of your shell and allow yourself to have a good
time. Better enjoy all of this before you’re trapped for good once you
get married, right? Genji notices your change in behaviour, he sees you
smiling and laughing more and while he’s happy, the feeling of dread
starts to press down on him more and more. He has to constantly remind
himself that you’re going to be married to his brother soon. Very soon.
You’re going to be family. You’re going to be in-laws.

But as soon
as you smile because of something he does, Genji forgets. Just like
that. It’s hard to remember that you’re going to be someone else’s when
you’re elated with the prize he wins for you at the arcade. It’s so hard
to remember that you aren’t his when you hold the goofy looking plush
toy tightly in your arms with a blush over your cheeks looking
incredibly pleased. Hanzo isn’t the one making you happy.

Jealousy and envy are emotions that Genji has struggled with all his life. He was groomed to literally be Hanzo’s shadow, be in
his shadow. He managed to get a hold of those emotions and now he was
losing it because of you. It was all consuming and it wasn’t fair.

week before your wedding you wake up to a storm and it feels like some
kind of omen. Every evening you’re reluctant to sleep because that just
makes the next day come faster and you don’t want that. The entire day
the storm rages and you see neither hide nor hair of Genji. You think
he’s been acting strange lately. Tense or stressed. Probably because of
arrangements for the wedding.

The stupid wedding. There’s a terrifying moment when you look in the mirror and think, ‘I’m going to marry the wrong Shimada’. It’s such a dangerous thought that you pretend that it never happened. You did not
just let yourself admit for a split second that you were most
definitely in love with Genji Shimada, who was your current bodyguard,
who was kind and sweet to you, who actually knew what your favourite
colours were, what foods you liked and stupid things like that. Genji
knew and understood the things that actually mattered to you.

evening Genji suddenly shows up at your door. Completely soaked because
of the ongoing storm, but looking frantic. “We should run away
together.” It’s the only think he says to greet you and it makes
complete sense. The both of you already know how you feel about each
other. The bond between the two of you is just too strong, as if you
could fight it.

You try to argue against running away, but its
like Genji spent the entire day thinking about it. He quickly explains
away all the problems you bring up. It’ll be fine with just the two of
you. Your families would give up on looking eventually, it’s not like
either of you would be worth the effort. You’re both smart, you could
find work anywhere. Hell, you could both travel overseas, live abroad,
go see all the places you’ve wanted to see. The two of you are so
excited at the ideas that flow, and yes, it could totally work, but…

It’s not going to.

dissolve into tears because no matter how much you don’t want to get
married to Hanzo, it’s going to happen. This is real life, not some
fairytale. You can’t run from this. Genji doesn’t want to see you cry,
it breaks his heart, so he kisses you which just hurts more even though
it feels right. He meant to stop at one kiss and you meant to stop him,
but the both of you figure ‘fuck everything’ and allow yourself to just feel for a moment.

You wake up in the morning naked beneath the tangled sheets with Genji and you try not to cry again.

come to a head a day later in a terrifying moment when Genji decides to
confront his brother. Tells Hanzo straight out that he’s in love
with you and he’s not sure if he can handle you getting married to
someone else. You can’t get a read on Hanzo as he’s stoic as fuck and in
all this time you’ve been with the Shimada’s you’ve never really spent
any time with him at all. And you were going to get married to this guy?

you? How do you feel about my brother?” Hanzo addresses you directly
and stops Genji from interrupting. The boss looks murderous, although
doesn’t he all the time?

You aren’t afraid and you’re tired of all
of this anyway. What’s the worst he could do, kill you? Your gaze
doesn’t falter as you match Hanzo’s and declare, “I am in love with your
brother Genji.” It’s the first time you admit it in its entirety. The
first time you say it out loud. The first time Genji hears it. It’s a
relief and absolutely pants-shittingly scary at the same time.

regards the both of you for a moment, watches as Genji gently takes one
of your hands in his and rolls his eyes. “You are disgusting, brother.”
And there is a look of disgust on Hanzo’s face, but it’s not really
disgust, it’s more of a kind of displeasure? He’s not angry, just… Well
you aren’t really sure until his lips twitch into a smile for just a
moment. “You have my blessing.”

Genji isn’t sure he’s heard right.
He was almost certain that Hanzo was going to strike him down where he
stood, but did he just say that he was fine with what was happening?

isn’t sure how to put how he’s feeling in words, but he tries. “I know
it has been difficult for you, being forced to live in my shadow. Know
that I would never stand in the way of your happiness if I could help
it.” And he can this time. It’s going to be a huge issue trying
to placate your parents and figure out how he’s going to deal with this
conundrum, but Genji doesn’t have to worry about that. Hanzo would take
care of everything.

All Genji really has to do is love you and finally be happy.

Things about the happily ever after with Yakuza!Genji:

  • He
    does actually love you forever and he confesses that he was attracted
    to you the moment he saw you, he was just denying it for as long as
  • Your parents arrive for the wedding a day before the
    actual date to the worst of news. You’ve disappeared and suspiciously
    enough, so has Genji Shimada. No one has any idea where the two of you
    have gone. It’s like you’ve vanished into thin air. Your parents don’t
    buy any of that bullshit, especially with how smug Hanzo is looking in
    the face of their frustration.
  • The two of you actually travel
    the world for a few years. You visit all the places the both of you had
    discussed previously. Genji’s favourite place is a monastery in Nepal;
    he actually becomes really good friends with one of the monks there that
    goes by the name Zenyatta.
  • You make sure to send postcards to
    Hanzo of all the places you visit. Genji thinks it’s stupid and that
    Hanzo won’t care. Hanzo actually sticks all the postcards up on a wall
    in his study and looks at them fondly while you’re both gone.
  • Genji
    is 1200000000% a sap for you and never forgets important dates like
    anniversaries and what not. You feel awful because sometimes you forget,
    but it doesn’t seem like he cares too much. Still, what the fuck Genji!
    Stop being so on point with this stuff!!
  • Genji is also
    1200000000% a romantic and takes you on the most incredible dates and
    evenings and just… WHATEVER. He somehow has the magical power to make
    the worst of situations romantic.
  • Your beau is always amazingly
    good looking and sweet and goofy, but when he goes serious mode he turns
    his attractiveness up to eleven-hundred. There is one time when you
    have to attend a Yakuza meeting with the brothers and seeing Genji there
    in a suit asserting his dominance made it very hard to sit quietly and
    not bone him right then and there in front of everyone. How embarrassing.
  • Speaking
    of sex, the both of you are fairly adventurous in the bedroom. It’s a
    lot of fun and Genji always makes sure that you’re comfortable and
    satisfied. Both of you actually get into the art of shibari and one of
    the best gifts that Genji ever gets you is a really cute set of coloured
    ropes that match some sweet lingerie. Yessssss~ :3
  • He knows how to tie you up and tease you really good btw. Watch out for this one.

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