*Raises hand* what about hanzo and genji for the pregnancy + miscarriage thing? Plus however you wanna add?


Ah! We can’t forget about tiddy man and Xbox! I’ve already done some miscarriage Hanzo but I’ll add some new things!
• for once in life, he feels like thing are going well.
• his mood 100% improves when he finds out he is going to be a dad
• he makes you tea that is supposed to help with pregnancy
• he worries about if he is going to be a good father or not. He isn’t the best candidate for fatherhood
• but with your kind and uplifting words he is 10000% ready for this baby
• he thinks about getting the baby a guard dog. He isn’t the most liked man in Japan after wall
• when he hears about the miscarriage, guilt/angry fills his heart
• he keeps thinking about his brother and all the wrongs he has caused
• like Hanzo, he believes it his fault.
• he has nightmares about his brother and his child

• was a bit scared.
• though he is okay with being half robot, he gets insecure. Is he really the best choice?
• when he finds out, he runs to find zenyatta. He wants zenyatta to be the first to know
• you couldn’t see it but he’s now constantly smiling under that mask of his
• reads a lot of baby care books
• the miscarriage broke him inside but for your sake he tried to be positive.
• meditating is hard for Genji now
• tries to comfort you with “maybe it wasn’t meant to be. After all I would be a terrible father”
• he wears his mask more often


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