Hanzo, Genji, soldier 76 realising they’re fallen head over heels for S/O


These specific requests gets me going.
• having a crush on you is scary
• he never really had time to think about romance and boy, did sneak up on him
• but everything you did captivated him.
• he realized his affections when you touched his shoulder. His heart was beating so loud and fast, he thought you might hear it

• he isn’t sure. He has so many questions. Would you really like someone like him? Is he a fool? Is this love he is feeling?
• he’s been quite the playboy for some time in his past but??? Never felt like this???? Lust he has felt but when it came to affection he was a deer in headlights
• would consult zenyatta often
• realized his crush when he wanted you to be happy more than himself. And how often he would glance over to you.

Soldier 76:
• he wasn’t expect this one.
• he’s been through a lot but his heart still has the courage to fall in love again
• he would try and touch you. Like shake your hand or give you a pat on the shoulder
• looks at you like with smiling eyes if that makes sense
• realized all of it by how taken back he was. Being near you was breath taking and his heart was caught


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