☆ Going To The Cinema

The drive-in theater is packed with late summer patrons, but it’s a movie they’ve both seen already and don’t really mind finding a quieter spot near the back. Skyshot heaved a sigh as she slouched down in the driver’s seat as Bumblebee shut off his AC, bare thighs already starting to stick with sweat. “Sorry,” she said, pushing limp hair out of her face and leaning the seat back. The movie won’t start for another ten minutes, and she wondered if she has enough change in her wallet to get something cold from the concession.

“You’re fine. Do you want me to turn it back on?” Bumblebee sounds a little guilty, forgetting how uncomfortable his interior can get for his humans when fans aren’t running and he’s basking in the sunlight.

“Nah. I might end up climbing on your hood if it doesn’t get any cooler, though,” she chuckled, shifting and making a face as she stuck again to his seat.

“Promise?” he teased, but mercifully cracked the windows a little more to let in the breeze. Skyshot sighed gratefully at the welcome coolness, stretching out and closing her eyes. “Hey, now, don’t doze off.”

“Won’t,” she said, waving a hand lazily. Five minutes later Bumblebee’s sensors registered her respiration and heart rate had slowed and she had stopped squirming against the warm leather.

“Wake up,” he teased, giving the seat a gentle dip.

“Not asleep,” she mumbled. Barely.

Bumblebee jostled her a little harder and he tried not to laugh too hard when Skyshot jerked upright with a snort. “Not asleep.”

“Uh-huh,” he said, still snickering, and popped the door open. “Go get a snack, movie’ll start soon.”

Making a face at his dashboard, Skyshot grabbed her wallet and climbed out. “You’re so bossy,” she said, and turned bright red when he revved suddenly when she started towards the concession. “Bee!”

She’s got legs,” ZZ Top crooned in reply, and Bumblebee didn’t think he’d ever seen Skyshot move that fast outside of her suit.

“Everyone is staring,” Skyshot moaned as she practically jumped back into the cab with a can of soda and licorice just as the opening credits began to roll, but her field thrummed giddily and she pressed back into his seat. The sun had set behind the high hill behind the drive-in and the oppressive heat was starting to lift already.

“Good. Let ‘em stare, sweetspark.” Bumblebee sounded smug, but his field hummed with affection as he pressed it into hers and she pressed back just as eagerly.

They spent the rest of the movie in comfortable silence, fields overlapping in quiet, harmonious sync


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