Rodimus is such a valve boy, when you eat him out he literally has to tie himself to the berth before because he will try to shurt his legs and trap you down there. He loves when his human eats his node out, and the rim of his valve is covered in boilights that his human loves to suckle on.

His ceiling node is like the perfect spot to dig into with fingers and Rodimus almost always squirts from it so his human is used to being doused. Rodimus always apologizes for almost drowning his human but his human just gasps, swallows whats in their mouth, and just growls before going back in for the kill and sucking every biolight they can find.

I love the idea of Rodimus having valve/spike piercing, and if he dows his human likes to roll them gently with their hands and lick the area around the piercing. He probably has a Prince Albert, and his human likes to gently tug it and kiss it.

Rodimus cannot be silent during this either, hes vocal and loves to say his humans name. Everyone on the Lost Light knows their name and just how ‘amazing’ they are. Rod is always in shambles afterwards, and his human loves to kiss him and love him up afterwards ahahaaahhaa Rodimus loves his humanand his human loves his valve~

#i love how vocal rod would be if you ate out his valve #i bet his valve is super cute with tiny piercings and lotsa biolights #very cute super cute lost light cool dad


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