and your bot are bangin’ and having a good time and suddenly you hear

I’m close. I wanna overload in you so bad…”

and then they’re like
“You’re my little transfluid slut, I bet you want me to, I bet you
want my transfluids to fill you up, huh? Yeah, that’s right- moan
louder fleshie, make everyone hear you.”

and then right at the
moment the two of you are right on the edge

“I’ll get you knocked
up, how’s that sound? You’ll carry my sparklings and you’ll be mine
and mine only.”and then you orgasm and then your bot’s like

you sound so nice. Almost there…” and then like they just fill you
until you’re so full with their fluids and their spike and they’re
moaning your name “I’m overloading inside! Ah!”


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