(PT. 1) Bots doing certain gestures their humans don’t get are sexual or affectionate. Seekers flutter their wings a certain way, like in a circle, and grounders try to make their doorwings go as high up as they can. Bots with audials perk them forward to catch everything their human is saying. Bots lowkey doing sexual signals and not realizing it cuz they are so comfortable around their human


oh my god that’s precious. 

“This would be obvious if you were a Cybertroninan.” “Yeah well I’m not so ‘fess up? What’s with all of those gestures- they make you look like you’re doing something weird.” “…Well I am, I’m trying to signal that I want to interface but-” *some other bot in the distance* “And you’re being very obvious about it! Get a room!”


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