Robot realizing that their human isnt invincible

Like, they know that humans are much more squishy and more easily broken, but it was always more of a on paper only thing. Just a factoid, not real.

But then their human gets sick, or injured, and is confined to the couch or needs bedrest

Human is hunched over the toilet and robot is rubbing their back, flinching nervously when another retch comes and theyre thinking “such a small thing makes them helpless and miserable why does this happen”

Or the human is so drunk with pain they don’t even object to nasty tasting medicine, they just whimper and make a face and cough weakly after they swallow

And whenever the human’ is sleeping, robot can’t help but think that they look awfully still with only their ribcage moving, and their face screwed up slightly in pain. I mean they’re usually so happy and energetic and… alive… It’s hard to watch them sleep.

Even when they’re awake it’s hard, because they just sit there, breathing weird, they even have to be reminded to drink water, human’s most vital fluid

When the human recovers robot is much more careful around them for the first couple months, choosing safer fun things to do, keeping them out of certain environments, subtly pushing the human to eat healthier food, making sure they drink water, that their food is cooked properly, etc.

The human is a little confused at first but then kinda picks up on it, it is really sweet. ❤

The adorable is killing me


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